EISEN CHR-68DT Chucking Lathe with 8-Station Turret (HC-type Chucker)

Eisen Machinery

$ 20,800.00 $ 26,752.50

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Digital Threading

Digital Threading makes threading on chucker lathe easier than ever

Digital Threading provides touchscreen LCD to select thread pitch. Choose target TPI or mm pitch on the screen , set spindle rpm and start threading just like on conventional lathes.

Simple No threading attachment. No threading gearbox. Less moving parts, quiet operation, maintenance free design.

Servo driven design
Internally, servo motor drives the leadscrew so feed rate is synchronized in proportion to spindle rpm.

Key Features

  • Spindle run out within 50 millionths of an inch
  • Hardened and precision ground spindle with 5C collet spindle nose
  • Spindle mounted on high-precision preloaded angular contact ball bearings
  • Eight-station turret with preloaded ball bearing
  • Turcite-B slideway bearing surface between carriage and bed
  • Hardened and precision ground alloy steel bed way
  • Fast lever collet chucking with a single movement
  • Eight-position carriage stop
  • Threaded nose spindle

EISEN CHR-68DT Chucking Machine Specifications

Spindle capacity With Jaw Chucks 6”
  With Expanding Collets 3”
  With Round 5C Collets 1 1⁄16”
  With Hexagon 5C Collets 7⁄8”
  With Square 5C Collets 3⁄4”
  With Step Chucks 1 1⁄16” ~ 6”
Swing over Bed 13”
Spindle Bore 1¼” 5C (1 1⁄ 16”)
Spindle Nose Diameter 2.189”
Spindle Nose Thread 2 3⁄16”, 10 RH Threaded
Spindle Speed Range (Variable) 0 ~ 4000 rpm
Carriage Power Feed Range (Per Minute) ¼” ~ 10”
Cross Slide Power Feed Range (Per Minute) 1 1⁄32”~ 6 ¼”
Cross Slide Travel 4 ½”
Length of Bed 43 ½”
Max. Fixture Diameter 9”
Max. Distance from Face of Turret to Spindle 14”
Main Motor 3 HP
Coolant Pump 1⁄ 8 HP, 220V, 3PH
D.C. Feed Motor 110V, 70W
Net Weight 2200 lbs.
Gross Weight 2420 lbs.
Packing Dimensions Approx. (L X W X H) 74” x 34” x 73”
*Design and specifications are subject to change without notice.

Standard Accessories

  1. 5C collet closer
  2. Eight-station tool turret
  3. Digital threading system
  4. Halogen work light
  5. Eight-position carriage stop
  6. Coolant system
  7. Toolbox with toolkit
  8. Touch-up paint
  9. Manual & parts list

Optional Accessories

  1. 3-jaw chuck 6” w/o back plate
  2. 4-jaw chuck 6” w/o back plate
  3. Back plate 7” (threaded)
  4. Drill and shank tool holders
  5. Extension tool holders
  6. Releasing tap holder
  7. Single tool holder
  8. Double tool holder
  9. Triple tool holder
  10. Adjustable tool holder
  11. Knee tool
  12. Vertical cut-off slide
  13. Taper slide
  14. Double tool cross slide
  15. Bed adapter for double tool cross slide
  16. Chip and coolant shield
  17. Face plate
  18. 5C collet set
  19. Tool setting gauge

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