Parts Service

We can supply hard to find parts for toolroom lathes, engine lathes, milling, grinders, drills, bandsaws. Whether it's mechanical or eletrical parts, as long as the machine was originally made in Taiwan, we can definitely help you locate the parts you need.

Recently we have helped customers locate parts for these machines:

  • Victor-Taichung -- engine lathes, toolroom lathes
  • FEELER -- toolroom lathes, such as FTL-618E, FTL-618EM. 2nd operation machines FTS-27, FTL-27, finishing lathes FP-27, chucking machine FHR-68
  • CYCLEMATIC -- toolroom lathes
  • Microweily -- engine lathes
  • TAKANG -- 1740K lathe series, MS1740 lathe series
  • ECOCA -- engine lathes
  • Cadillac -- manual engine lathes
  • Yang -- engine lathes. We carry parts for various Yang lathes such as 1628 / 1640, 1933 / 1960, and 2233 / 2260 / 22100 series.
  • Turn Master -- engine lathes
  • Rong Fu -- bandsaws, drilling and tapping machines.
We also have contacts in Japan to supply you with Japanese machine tool parts.
Some of the parts we have located for customers in the past include:

  • Ohtsuka oil skimmer
  • SMC filter media
  • TEC timer relay
  • Belts for older model Moriseiki CNC
  • Hydraulic cylinder for Moriseiki
  • Patlite signal lights for CNC machines
  • parts for Koyo CNC grinder....

We can also supply commonly found electical parts on machine tools, such as

  • Magnetic contactors (Taian, TECO, SIEMENS, Shi Lin, Mitsubishi)
  • Thermal overload relays (TAIAN, TECO, SIEMENS, Shi Lin, Mitsubishi)
  • Coolant pumps
  • Gear motor for chip auger
  • Spindle oil chiller units
  • Automatic lubrication units
  • Switches
  • DAITO fuses
Mechanical parts:

  • Brake bands for lathes
  • Spindle bearings (NSKSKF, FAG, NACHI)
  • Ball screw support bearings and other bearings