VERTEX 3" Boring Head Set VBHC-R8-BC3-I for R8, 10~220mm capacity, Inch-spec


$ 465.00

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VERTEX Boring Head Set VBHC-R8-BC3-I

Marked dial face with 0.0005" graduation

For R8 spindle (Bridgeport mills)

Maximum boring depth: 1.96" (50mm)

Boring capacity: 0.39" ~ 8.66" (10mm~220mm)

Boring head diameter: 3"

Boring bar hole size: 3/4"

Center distance between holes: 15/16" 

Offset: 1"

Adjusting screw is hardened and ground.

Sturdy boring unit of extended boring range, suitable for roughing cuts and featuring fine adjustment and high accuracy.

The use of a wide base bar holder, resting securely on the body, eliminates the need for a separate side plate. You will note this has now become an integral part of the body.

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