Rear Tool Holder Slide Assembly T-RTS-10 for CTL-618EVS, CTL-618DT

Eisen Machinery Inc

$ 495.00

The Rear Tool Holder Slide Assembly for CTL-618EVS Machines, as shown with a L-3023 tool post in place, can be quickly mounted to the carriage cross slide. The top slide travel is 19mm and is controlled by an easy reading feed screw dial graduated in 0.02mm. A double locking arrangement maintains the position of the slide and tool holder. The rear tool holder slid assembly consists of the RTS-10-1 base with mounting screws and RTS-10-2 tool holder slide. Optional tool holders for rear slide assembly are the L-3023 wedge type tool post, T-RMH-06 Multiple tool holder.

Tool No:T-RTS-10

For: CTL-618EVS, CTL-618DT

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