Milling Machine Riser Block 8" for Bridgeport-Type Knee Mills 8inch

Eisen Machinery

$ 695.00

8" Milling Machine Riser Block 

For Bridgeport-Type Knee Mills.

Includes 4 bolts and cross member (spider).

The bolts (qty: 4) are hex head bolts 1/2" in diameter, and can thread into the spider.

The base diameter is 15 inch (380mm).

The shoulder diameter is 12.48" (317mm).

The inside diameter is 10" (255.9mm).

The rectangular bolt pattern is 9 5/8" x 6 3/4"

Please note: Actual paint color of the riser block MAY VARY from the photos.

PN: S4A-RB-8"

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