Milling Machine Riser Block 6" for Bridgeport-Type Knee Mills 6inch

Eisen Machinery

$ 475.00

6" Milling Machine Riser Block 

For Bridgeport-Type Knee Mills.

Includes 4 bolts and cross member (spider).

The bolts (qty: 4) are hex head bolts 1/2" in diameter and can thread into the spider.

Please check drawing for dimensions.

The base diameter is 15 inch (380mm).

The shoulder diameter is 12.48" (317mm).

The inside diameter is 10" (255.9mm).

The rectangular bolt pattern is 9 5/8" x 6 3/4"

Please note: Actual paint color of the riser block MAY VARY from the photos.

PN: S2-RB-6"

2015-12-29 Application Note:
Some customers with original Bridgeports installed the riser block without modification, however, a recent customer with 1960 Bridgeport Series 1 J-head reports that this riser block's bolt pattern is correct, but the bore needs to be enlarged to accept the Bridgeport's turret. In light of this information, please budget your time accordingly.
We'll keep this note updated as more information comes in.


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