ALIGN( or Bestline) Power Feed for X-Axis AL-500PX (Latest model)

Eisen Machinery

$ 445.00

Brand: ALIGN ( or Bestline)

Made in Taiwan

Power Table Feed for Bridgeport-style milling machines (For X-axis / Longitudinal )

Model #: AL-500PX

PX-series is the latest model. SX is the earlier model.

* Variable speed control 

* Rapid traverse button

* Automatic shut-off at end of cut

* On-off switch

* Travel stop/ limit switch assembly

* Complete installation hardware included

* Packaged in eco-friendly box without styrofoam.

Torque, Average: 150 in-lb

Torque, Peak: 650 in-lb

Speed range: 4 ~ 160 rpm, 200 rpm max

Power source: 110VAC 50/60Hz Single-phase

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