Milling Machine Accessory - Air Power Drawbar A&T ANT-300 (R8)

Eisen Machinery

$ 642.00

Air Power Drawbar ANT-300 (R8)

  • Allows you to swap tools from the milling machine spindle quickly (~ 3 second)
  • For Bridgeport-type milling machine
  • Easy to install. Re-use existing drawbar. 
  • Runs on shop air only. Requires no electricity.
  • Includes pneumatic switch and air filter regular lubricator (FRL) unit.
  • Photos show the air power drawbar unit installed on our EISEN brand milling machine.
  • The last photo show the inside of the power draw bar unit -- high quality components throughout. Been on the market for over 20 years.
  • This is the R8 version. NT40 version also available. 

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