G-L90 Waterproof 55W Halogen Work Light w/ 32" Arm 110V Machine worklight


$ 225.00

Golden Light brand, Made in Taiwan

G-L90 Waterproof Halogen Work Light w/ 32" Arm 110V 55W

55W, 12V halogen lamp 
Input AC 110V

Provides high intensity light, with a estimated lamp life of over 3,500 hours.

Ideal for large CNC machinery, lathes, mills, grinders, and other machine tools where coolant, oil or other fluids are present.

Ergonomic handle attached to the head allows easy positioning. 

4 hole base - The hole pattern on the base is 45mm x 45mm.

The base can be mounted vertically or horizontally. L-angle plate included.

Shorter version -- part number G-M90 also available.

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