CTS-27-10 Compound Slide for Speed Lathes: Hardinge DV-59, FEELER FTL-27, FTS-27

Eisen Machinery

$ 3,950.00

Compound Slide for Hardinge-type 2nd Operation Lathes and Speed Lathes

Part Number: CTS-27-10


Hardinge DV-59 2nd operation lathe,

Hardinge DSM-59 2nd operation lathe,

Hardinge HSL-59 speed lathe,

FEELER FTL-27 2nd operation lathes,

FEELER FTS-27 2nd operation lathes,

EISEN CTL-27 2nd operation lathes,

EISEN CTS-27 2nd operation lathes,

EISEN CP-27 speed lathe.

Product is brand new.

The compound slide can readily be used on the Second Operation Machine for screw feed precision turning, facing and boring operations.

The large diameter feed screws are hardened and mounted on preloaded ball bearings.

The feed screw dials are 2” in diameter.

Both dials give direct readings in thousandths and are adjustable for zero settings.

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