CLHA-20-DD1 Manual Grease Pump Unit for NLGI #0, #00, #000, 600ml, Machine Mount

Chen Ying

$ 139.95

Manual Grease Pump / Manual Grease Lubrication Unit, for Wall Mounting / Machine Mounting

Model Number: CLHA-20-DD1 (Dual Outlet)

Capacity: 600cc
Maximum output per pump: 2cc
Maximum output pressure: 100 kgf/cm^2
Output fitting: diameter 6mm
Suitable grease grades: NLGI #0, #00, #000
For use with new grease only!

Note: This is a replacement for existing grease pump, there's no instructions included.

Made by one of the largest lubrication unit manufacturers in Taiwan. Supplier for numerous CNC machinery companies.

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