Chen-Ying Manual Lubricator Resistance Type Hand-puller CLA-8

Eisen Machinery Inc

$ 95.00

CLA-8 Resistance Type Hand-puller Manual Lubricator

Manual pump / Hand Oiler / One-Shot Lubrication Unit

Commonly used on Bridgeport-type milling machines from Taiwan.

Model: Chen-Ying CLA-8

Volume per discharge: 8 cc

Maximum discharge pressure: 15 kgf/cm2 (213.4 psi)

Tank capacity 600 cc

Discharge bore: 6mm

Made in Taiwan

Frequently Asked Questions:

Question: Is the oil outputted when the handle is pulled or when it's returning?

Answer: Lubrication oil is released when the handle is pulled.

Question: What's the difference between model numbers CLA-6 and CLA-8?

Answer: CLA-6 has only 350cc of capacity, CLA-8 has 600cc. .

Question: Any instructions included?

Answer: As this is a direct replacement for existing lubrication pumps, there isn't any instructions included. 

However, if you have questions please contact us we'll be happy to help.

Question: Do you ship internationally?

Answer: Yes we can ship by USPS priority mail international. 

To save on shipping, ordering in bulk 6 unit or more is highly recommended.

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