Azbil FL7M-2K6H Cylindrical Proximity Switch, 2mm, DC 2-wire, M8, NC 2M cable

Eisen Machinery Inc

$ 85.00

Part number : FL7M-3K6H

Azbil FL7M-3K6H Cylindrical Proximity Switch


Rigid Structure, Highly Water-proof DC 2-wire Type with Improved Visibility Indicator Lamps.

• DC 2-wire reducing wiring costs.

• Stable sensing area displayed by setting indicator.

• Rigid housing allows higher tightening torque.

• Indicator lamp can be confirmed from any direction. (firefly-glow indicator)

• Lowest current consumption: 0.55mA. (shielded type with a firefly-glow indicator)

• High seal capability: IP67G, core leads shielded.

(shielded type with a firefly-glow indicator)

• Fastest responses time in the industry : 2kHz



Polarity type

Supply Voltage: 12 to 24VDC

Barrel Size: M8

Sensing Distance: 2 mm

Response time : 2 kHz

Switching current : 3 to 100 mA 

Operation Mode: NC

Pre-wired model (2m)

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