Azbil 1LS1-J limit switch, Roller Lever Type (Yamatake)


$ 99.00

Azbil 1LS1-J limit switch, Roller Lever Type (Yamatake)

General Purpose limit switches with robust construction 1n a extensive range of models for use in a wide variety of applications.

Features :

  • UL/CSA/CE/CCC certified
  • 2-circuit double break basic switch with rugged diecast aluminum case
  • Oil, Water and Dust-proof structure
  • Wide range of of models includes double-sealed, corrosion resistant, heat-resistant and spatter-guarded types.
  • Operation position setting indicator.

P/N   :  1LS1-J

Type : Roller Lever

Contact Voltage/min.current : 24V 10 mA, 12V 20 MA(standard load) 5V 10mA (low current load)

120/240 VAC, 30 Vdc

Allowable operating speed Min. 0.5 mm/s max.0.5 m/s

Maximum operating force : 13.4 N

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