1/8 HP Machinery Coolant Pump, 220V/440V, 3PH, Shaft Length 5" (130mm),MC-8130-3


$ 195.00

1/8 HP Immersion Coolant Pump for machine tool coolant tank 

This in-tank coolant pump is suitable replacement for many coolant pumps used on lathes, milling machines, grinders and other machinery.

Brand: FLAIR


220V/440V, 3-PHASE

Flow Rate : 8.7 GPM (33 liter/min)

Lift :  19 ft (5.8 meter)

Coolant output connection is NPT female 3/8" pipe size.

Shaft length (the section immersed in coolant tank) is 5.1” (130mm).

Rated at IP54

Made in Taiwan.

Please note the coolant pump come with WHITE, GREY or BLACK paint depending on the batch we get. 

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