1/8 HP Machinery Coolant Pump, 110/220V, 1PH, 150mm (6”) Shaft, FLAIR MC-8150-1


$ 165.00

1/8 HP SINGLE-PHASE Cast Iron Immersion-Type Coolant Pump 

This in-tank coolant pump is suitable replacement for many coolant pumps used on lathes, milling machines, grinders and other machinery.

The square-shaped mounting plate has 4 holes. The center to center distance for the holes is 90mm. A quick comparison with your coolant pump would determine if it'll fit.

Brand: FLAIR


Coolant output connection is NPT female 3/8" pipe size.

Shaft length (the section immersed in coolant tank) is 6” (150mm).

Power requirement: 110/220V SINGLE-PHASE

Flow rate : 8.2 GPM (31 liter/min)

Lift : 17 ft (5.2 meter)

Made in Taiwan.

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