1/8 HP Cast Iron Suction-type Coolant Pump, 220V/440V,3PH, 3/8"outlet, MC-8000-3


$ 195.00

Used on Yang lathe, Cadillac lathe and Feeler FTL-618EM

1/8 HP Cast Iron Suction-type Coolant Pump

This self priming coolant pump is suitable replacement for many coolant pumps used on lathes, milling machines, grinders and other machinery.

Some examples of machinery that use this coolant pump are Yang engine lathe, Cadillac engine lathe and FEELER FTL-618EM lathe.

Coolant input and output connection is NPT female 3/8".

Can be wired for either 220 or 440V, 3phase.

Out the factory, it's wired for 220V. Can be wired to 440 by placing a jumper at the wiring terminal. The motor plate has details.

Please note the paint color might be GREY or WHITE depending on the batch.

Made in Taiwan.

Weight: 16 lbs

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