S-2AH (vari-speed)


Milling Heads for Sale (for Bridgeport mills)

Bridgeport and Bridgeport-type mill owners, if you are considering rebuilding your mill, you can save money by getting a new high precision mill head instead.

We offer high precision milling heads that can be mounted directly onto Bridgeport or Bridgeport-type milling body. This can save you both time and money.

We offer these models to match your needs:
For Bridgeport-compatible bodies For 40 taper mill bodies
Mill Head Model Number S-2AH S-2MH S-4AH
Motor Type Variable Speed 16 Speed Step Pulley Variable Speed
Motor Power 3HP 3HP 5 HP
Spindle Taper R8 R8 NT40
Quill travel 5" 5" 6"
Quill Diameter 3 3/8" 3 3/8" 4 1/8"


  • Completely new head for your existing milling machine body.
  • Chrome quill with super precision preloaded ABEC-7 (P4) bearing.
  • R8 taper for Bridgeport-type mills or NT40 taper on model S4AH
  • Quill power feed: 0.0016”, 0.0032”, 0.0059”/rev
  • Power requirement: variable speed 220v/3ph, Step pulley 220v/3ph

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